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Tour Company ARC Builds House For 85 Year-Old Vulnerable Man With A Young Family

George Galabuzi (Left) is joined by Charles Ssesanga (2nd Left) and ARC officials (in green) as he officially enters his newly built house

George Galabuzi,85, never dreamt of sleeping in a decent house. A resident of Kyaliwajjala Zone A in Namugongo, Galabuzi has for a long time lived a miserable life in a ramshackle house with his young family. His youngest child is eight years old.


However, on Saturday April09, 2022, Galabuzi received a miracle of his life after Africa Runners Company (ARC), a top tour and travel company in Uganda officially handed over to him a two-bedroom house it built for the old and vulnerable man.

The house also has a spacious living/sitting room. It was a joyful moment as ARC handed over the house keys to Galabuzi in the presence of about 50 community members.

Bernard Twinomujuni, the Director at ARC, said that the company built the house for Galubuzi as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), noting that the old man is opposite the main gate of the ARC’s head offices in Kyaliwajjala.

“He is at the entrance of ARC offices. We have to start from here before going far,” Twinomujuni said of the company’s decision to build Galabuzi a house.

“He has been living in a miserable state. We decided to change his life by building him a decedent house. He was like a newborn child because he literally had nothing; he was sleeping on the floor. That’s why we bought him beds, mattresses and blankets for the two rooms,” he added.

Twinomujuni added that he has not had issues with his neighbours since he came to the area in 1995.

He revealed that it has been his dream to build a house for Galabuzi since he has known him as a good old man for sometime.

“We are just coming out of the COVID-19 induced lockdown. We have not been working, but we had to build a house for mzee (Galabuzi),” he said.

Mzee Galabuzi on his bed donated to him by ARC. Besides him is Bernard Twinomujuni, the director ARC

It is understood that the land in which the house was built belongs to Galabuzi’s clan (Njovu). It’s also the burial site for the clan.

Therefore, there was resistance from clan members for ARC to build a house for Galabuzi on fears that it was a trick to grab their land.

However, after discussions with ARC, clan members concluded that the company was acting in good faith with no hidden intentions of taking over the land.

While handing over the house keys to Galabuzi in presence of clan members, Twinomujuni said: We have no intentions to take over family land. The house is officially handed over to Mzee and the clan.” The house and items bought cost ARC over Shs30m.

Twinomujuni (2nd R) is joined by his wife (R) and ARC staff as he addressed people who attended the event

Ampaire Caroline Twinomujuni, a co-director at ARC thanked her husband for the good heart.

“He has a big heart. Let’s learn to share the little we have with others,” she said.

Speaking about the house donation, an overjoyed Galabuzi said there’s nothing much he can give back to ARC but he’ll always pray for them to grow further.

An overview of Galabuzi’s house

“I thank Bernard (Twinomujuni) and the entire ARC family for thinking about me. Thank you for remembering me,” he said, adding that he’ll now be respected and live the rest of his life a happy man.

He narrated how a resident sometime back referred to his ramshackle house as a latrine, something that has always haunted him.

“It’s only God that can reward Bernard (Twinomujuni) and ARC,” he said.

An excited Mzee Galabuzi salutes inside his living room

Charles Ssesanga, who represented the Njovu clan at the event, said they (clan members) tried to build Galabuzi a house but they failed.

He thanked ARC for the good heart.

“It’s a rare character to give. There are many rich people who don’t help. I know Mr.Twinomujuni was also in a poor condition but he hasn’t forgotten the people he has been with for  a long time. I wish him God’s blessings,” he said.

Edward Musisi, the LC1 Chairperson of Kwaliwajala Zone A said Galabuzi has for a long time lived in poor conditions.

“As a community, we wanted to help him; we had got good Samaritans to build him a house but the family refused,” he said, adding that Galabuzi has been a disciplined resident.

Galabuzi’s children in-front the house donated by ARC. Galabuzi has been sleeping in the small house behind the children

This is not the first CSR activity for ARC. The company pays school fees for a number of vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

“We are also promoting community environmental conservation in Bukunga hills in Kanungu. There’s a lot of tree burning and the area is prone to landslides and soil erosion, so we are trying to plant bamboo and natural trees. We are slowly restoring the green cover,” Twinomujuni said.

Galabuzi has been sleeping in this room

About ARC

Africa Runners Company was incorporated in 2001 and has grown over the years to become one of the leading tour and travel companies in Uganda. The company is also involved in car hire services and general transport of goods and services.

The company through Namugongo based ARC Villa provides the best accommodation to tourists.


Taddewo William Senyonyi
William is a seasoned business and finance journalist. He is also an agripreneur and a coffee enthusiast.

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