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Ruparelia Group’s VCON Wins Tender To Construct UMEA’s Mega Complex In Kibuli

Uganda Muslim Education Association (UMEA)

Rajiv Ruparelia (L), the Ruparelia Group Managing Director with Prince Kassim Nakibinge after the ground breaking event

Ruparelia Group through its construction company, VCON has been awarded the contract to construct a project for Uganda Muslim Education Association (UMEA) after emerging as best bidders out of 14 other companies that expressed interest.

Vcon Construction (U) Ltd in partnership with Ambitious Construction Limited Joint Venture has been awarded  the contract by UMEA  to construct a  residential and commercial complex in Kibuli.

The contract is valued at Shs38bn and will cater for residential houses with an in-house commercial complex in Kibuli.

Contract is funded by IsDB Bank, Saudi Arabia under Supervision of Dolsar Limited.

During the ground breaking ceremony today, Rajiv Ruparelia, the Managing Director of Ruparelia Group thanked Prince Kassim Nakibinge and the management of UMEA for giving Ruparelia Group an opportunity to showcase its competence. 

Rajiv (R) with other officials after the ground breaking event

“We are extremely grateful for this opportunity of being able to illustrate our competence and capability to deliver a high quality and standard development project  as Ruparelia Group,” Rajiv said. 

He added: “I also want to thank His Royal Highness Prince Kassim Nakibinge who has invited us for a ground breaking ceremony of this project and we have partnered to do it together with Ambitious Construction Ltd to be able to build two blocks of residential and commercial buildings for the Kibuli community.”

He said that Prince Nakibinge has donated 5 acres of land for the project which will be completed in a period of one year. 

“This is the first phase and we expect to have more multiple phases.  Its not only going to benefit the Kibuli community but Kampala as whole and Uganda at large,” he added.

Prince Kassim Nakibige while addressing the media at his home in Kibuli congratulated Ruparelia Group for having emerged the winner of the biding process and said that he is sure they are going to produce the best quality work.

Nakibinge added that once the project is complete, it will also change the skyline of Kampala city .

He further thanked the project financiers and all those behind the project.


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