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Primary School Teacher Suspended Over Daily Drinking, Smoking

A Primary school teacher of Lakwana Primary School  (pictured above)in Omoro district has been suspended from his job due to misconduct and abusing his office.

Alex Ogwan,  a Primary Five teacher has been suspended from  conducting lessons by his boss, the head teacher of that school Mr. Acelam Oyet Resceker accusing him of drinking alcohol and smoking during class hours.

During a meeting with the parents last Friday, head teacher Oyet Resceker informed parents that Alex Ogwan is a stubborn teacher and for the many years he has been in Lakwana Primary School, he has conducted himself badly and as school authorities they decided to write a letter to the district education officer -DEO’s office and the department of education to delete his name from the payroll until he apologizes for his behavior, then he will be allowed back to conduct lessons.

Benson Lakwor, the chairperson school management committee of Lakwana says Ogwan may come back for his normal lesson after meeting disciplinary committee in the district and again he have to write apology letter to the head teacher’s office.

However, Ogwang, the accused teacher when contacted for comment, said he has his own business near the school where he gets busy and sometime it makes him report late to school.

But he noted that he apologized for what happened and soon he will return to class for normal lessons after solving the issues concerning him.

Fred Acura, the district school inspector of Omoro district has confirmed receipt of the letter written to them and he says education department are taking action on it according to the law.

He says  Ogwan will face the district disciplinary committee before he goes back for his normal job in the school.

He also appealed to teachers to always follow their professional codes of conduct to avoid losing their jobs.

Aciro Monica, a parent of the school also appealed to the school authorities to continue disciplining such teachers who exhibit bad conduct within the school.

Mose Otto, the secretary for health and education in Akidi sub county of Omoro district warned teachers to always follow their professional code of conduct and always they give “maximum” respect to their leaders.

Lakwana Primary School was opened in 1974 under Anglican Church foundation and currently has 869 pupils with 13 teachers. It is located on 50 hectare-piece of land in Omoro district.


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