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Price Of Construction Sector Inputs Increases By 2%

The price of inputs in the construction sector went up by 2.0 percent for the year ending in January 2019 compared to 1.5 increase of the year that ended in January 2018.

This is according to the construction sector indices released by Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS). The price change means that a customer who bought construction materials in January 2019 paid 2 percent above what a customer paid in January 2018.

The statistics were presented by Aliziki Lubega, a principal statistician at UBOS. On a monthly basis, she said the prices went by 0.06 percent at the end of January 2019 compared to 0.03 of December 2018. 

UBOS divides construction sector into three categories when collecting data. They are residential buildings, non-residential buildings and civil works.

The construction inputs of the residential buildings went up 1.1 percent, non-residential buildings 2.1 percent and civil works by 2.8 percent.

Specifically, Aliziki said inputs whose price scaled up; are electrical wires and cables (9.1%), roofing sheets (7.5%), concrete products (6.3%) and lime (8.7).

The inputs whose price went down are; cement equipment for hire and a section of iron and steel inputs.

The cement production went up by 16.2% in January 2019 compared to December 2018 according to the figures presented. This increase is largely attributed to domestic production.

Alikizi said 180 tonnes of cements were produced in January 2019 compared to 156.8 tonnes of December 2018 while 0.70tonnes were imported into the country. According to the statistics, 132 tonnes of cements were supplied to the domestic market and 49 tonnes exported.

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