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Police Officer Arrested Over Entebbe-Express Deadly Shooting

Police have arrested their own officer, PC Taremwa Davis in connection to the car shooting which occurred on the 5/09/2019, at around 10:30 pm, at Nambigirwa Bridge, along the Kampala Entebbe Express Highway, and claimed the lives of two victims, who were occupants in a Black Toyota Land Cruiser under Reg.no.UAW 534B.

In a statement, Police say the Directorate of Criminal Investigations is actively investigating the incident that claimed  Nteyireho Ruhegyera Joshua, a 38 year old male adult, who was found lying dead, outside the car, towards the rear; with gunshot wounds.  An AK47 gun was found lying along his side. 

The second victim was later identified by her husband Mark Rugyenza of Bugolobi flats as Tumukunde Merina, a 37 year old female adult, who died in a seating position, in the hind seat, and with a single bullet wound to the head. She is a Ugandan from Mbarara District.

“…We have meanwhile arrested our officer and placed him under criminal investigation.  He is being examined for traces of evidence that could have remained on him, especially gun powder to help place him at the scene or not.  In addition his movements from Hidden Treasure Hotel where he was picked at 8pm, to Millennium Hotel, till 2pm when he returned to the Hotel are thoroughly being investigated,” a statement issued by CP Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson reads in part.

It adds that the two bodies were retrieved and transported to Mulago City Mortuary for post mortem examination to establish the cause of the death. 

“Our Joint Security response teams arrived at the scene at around 11pm and cordoned it off.  It was documented by forensic experts and material scientific evidence recovered. The Directors of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Services are revisiting the scenes for better reconstruction and documentation.  At this stage, the exact motivation towards the double shooting and murder is not yet established,” it says.

According to Police, preliminary findings indicate that the male victim and PC Taremwa Davis have been very close friends.

“It is on friendly terms, that he requested the officer who was on guard duties, at Hidden Treasure Hotel Entebbe to escort him to Millennium Hotel in Zana, where they had arranged business transaction, with a car dealer, identified as Suubi Robert.   The officer withdrew from his beat (an act which was not justified based on the law and his training) and the 3 drove together to the Hotel.  The circumstances surrounding their movement from Millennium Hotel, up to the stage where the shooting occurred at Nambigirwa Bridge, Mpala are still unclear.  It is what the task team of investigators and forensic experts are working to determine,” it says.

Police add that so far 3 cartridges, an AK 47 gun, mobile phones to the deceased, a magazine porch and headdress have been recovered in addition to the scientific evidence that is of material value.

“The CCTV footage along the highway have also been retrieved for further analysis. The body of the male victim is also being examined for traces of gun powder as part of investigations,” the statement says.

We strongly believe that the evidence gathered thus far, will enable us determine, whether the shooting occurred from within the car, whether there was an altercation in the car, a transaction gone bad, a drive- along shooting or a murder and suicidal incident,” it adds.

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