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Parliament Passes New Rule Allowing MPs To Debate Online

Uganda’s Parliament Tuesday passed a new rule for rules of procedure of Parliament that provides for a virtual parliament debate through digital platforms.

This is after parliament adopted the report of the Committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline on the proposed Amendment of rules of procedure of Parliament to provide for a virtual debate for MPs especially when they are required to have a quorum for voting on any matter which requires a big quorum.

The committee report presented by Kilaki Ccounty MP, Clement Ongalo- Obote noted that any MP using the virtual system shall observe the decorum of the chamber of Parliament.

The report however said that the communications infrastructure in Parliament and in Uganda today is inadequate and currently facing challenges of having every Member of Parliament logged onto the Virtual Parliament at the same time.

Bunyole West lawmaker,  James Waluswaka had rejected the virtual parliament saying  that it will facilitate some members  to dodge parliament and go out of  the country but the Speaker rejected his argument,  saying that for a member  to go  abroad will have been cleared by the speaker.

Manjiya County MP,  John Baptist Nambeshe and Kasambya County MP,  Gaffa Mbwatekamwa  questioned how the proxy voting will be conducted when it comes to confidential voting to avoid forgery when someone is delegated to vote on  his or her behalf  and votes otherwise.

After a lengthy debate, MPs  agreed and  passed the motion to have virtual parliament used by the Uganda Parliament.

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