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Outrage Over Two Indian ‘Investors’ Accused Of Sacrificing Lira Pupil

Ugandans are furious over two Indian nationals who allegedly sacrificed a pupil in Lira district, Northern Uganda.

Madmay Gaga, 22, and Vayas Fravay, 27 are accused of killing Dickens Okello who was only 11 years old, and a pupil of Alito Primary school, Alito sub-county in Kole district.

This has angered many Ugandans, with many taking on to social media to express their displeasure over the horrible act.

In a statement on its official facebook page, the Democratic Party (DP) said the tragic murder case in Lira has shocked the country, but the many suffering of Ugandans goes unnoticed.

“The planned murder in Lira was particularly horrific. It has outraged and shaken the whole country. Yet the underpayment by foreigners and mostly Indians has not only affected Ugandans but have also deprived them off their rights,” DP said, adding: “It’s high time the Ugandan Parliament enact [ed] a minimum wage law which will protect citizens against such injustices.”

Relatives of slain Dickens Okello bid him last respects on Saturday

The pair was produced before Lira Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

They appeared before Grade One Magistrate, Adiro Igah, who read charges against them. The court did not allow them to take any plea.

The accused suspects were soon remanded to Soroti government prison until December 3, 2018 when they will reappear before the same court to take their plea.

Both Madmay and Vayas were held by locals who later handed them over to Kole Police on the 9, November, 2018. Since then, they have been in custody at Kole Central Police Station [CPS].

The exact reasons why the suspects decided to sprint after deceased’s brother gave a moving account at the burial on Saturday has remained scanty.

How Incident Happened

Ogwang Denis, the deceased’s brother, who survived the Friday, 9 November incident told mourners that the two Indians enticed them first with biscuits which they rejected.

Secondly, he said they were offered sweets and thirdly Shs2,000 which they all refused.

Soon, he said one of the Indians came out of the white Ipsium car and started chasing after them. Unfortunately his brother got trapped in wire and was captured by his accused killers.

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