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NWSC’s George Okol Installed As Rotary President Of Bweyogerere-Namboole

George Okol (2nd Right) shaking hands with NWSC Deputy MD, Sylvia Alinaitwe after his instillation as the President of Rotary Club of Bweyogerere-Namboole.


The Director of Commercial and Customer Services at National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), George Okol has been installed as the new President of Rotary Club of Bweyogerere-Namboole.


Okol has pledged to work with his leadership team to touch lives of the underprivileged in Uganda.


Addressing guests at Mamerito Hotel in Bweyogerere-Wakiso district last week, Okol thanked NWSC where he has worked for over 30years, for the leadership skills and career growth and vowed to use the experience acquired to better lives of Ugandans, whose lives were disrupted by the deadly COVID -19 pandemic.


“It is through this institution (NWSC)  that I have drawn a living and sustained my family and friends. I owe all my life to this institution. It has made me, it has lifted me in very difficult times , it has supported my family,” Okol said,.


He thanked the members of Rotary Club Bweyogerere-Namboole for entrusting him with the leadership , arguing that the decision marks the epitome of his rotary journey which started with his induction in 2017/2018.


“Service leadership isn’t about making our names known. It’s about touching more lives and causing God’s name to be praised. If our leadership can inspire you to dream more, learn more, do more  and touch more lives, then we shall have become successful leaders,” said Okol.


While highlighting his leadership agenda, Okol said his tenure shall be driven under the theme; ‘Together Each One of us can touch more lives and be amazing’ said he will work with Rotary Clubs of Kireka, Kyambogo, Mukono, Seeta, Namugongo in order to reach out to those who are disadvantage and make an impact on their lives.


Okol said, “We take over leadership at a time when the stakes are high and the  expectations from our communities are much more critical and urgent following the disruption of Covid. We as the new leadership team commit to work with you at all times this rotary year to match expectations by growing the rotary club of Bweyogerere-Namboole in all aspects, dimensions and fronts of rotary in a bid to make a world a better place.”



Sylvia Alinaitwe, Deputy Managing Director Finance & Corporate Strategy at National Water and Sewerage Corporation who was the guest of honour extended gratitude towards Rotary for extending leadership towards Okol, stating that the decision is testament towards public faith in NWSC and promised that the Corporation will collaborate with Rotary to extend clean water and improve sanitation within Uganda.


She explained, “At NWSC we hold rotary highly because we know the values you stand for also mean slot. NWSC has patterned with Rotary in many ways especially in water and sanitation especially urban poor areas. This day is important to see one of our own take up club leadership. Thanks you for giving us an opportunity to serve in that capacity. We are here to pledge our support.”



The NWSC boss also made a pledge of Shs10m towards Rotary Club of Bweyogerere-Namboole and noted, “We  have a great year ahead of us, I know we can do ahead of us. To make sure people receive clean water, we are ready to work with you to make sure to bring services closer to our people. Rotary Service and the mandate of NWSC have common purposes because they both provide a service of humanity.”


Alinaitwe tasked Okol to provide the necessary leadership and rally his members to develop a shared plan and ambitious goals adding that it is now his responsibility to inspire and motivate his members to achieve the set goals.


She said, “Today you are taking a very important step in your journey of service and leadership. This is a priceless duty and a noble call on humanity. The journey you are setting out today and for the next rotary year will be the most amazing and fruitful journey of your life on earth.”


George Ochom, former President revealed that during his reign, the Club registered 16 new members, bringing total membership to 86 members. He also added that during 2021/2022 the members contributed $10,000 and Planted 5000 trees.


During the ceremony, Julius Mukiibi was installed as the second President Rotary Club of Kirinya-Bukasa said that his leadership will focus on doubling the membership and retaining current members while ensuring diversity and quality of membership.


“We intend to focus on intense engagement and involvement of all members in activities of the club. We intend to focus on creating a positive community change through impactful community projects that change people’s lives with particular focus on communities around us while also looking at Global projects,” said Mukiibi.


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