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NIRA Pushes For Shs 200, 000 Fee For National ID Replacement

National Identification Registration Authority has  proposed an increase in fees for people who have lost national identity cards or want to change particulars on their IDs to 200,000 shillings.

The proposal has been made by the Minister of Internal Affairs Kahinda Otafire while appearing before Parliament’s Committee on Defense and Internal Affairs on the planned mass enrollment of unregistered citizens and renewal of National Identity cards exercise.
Otafire informed MPs that government plans to use 600 billion shillings for the exercise  that will start in June next year and last for 15 months.
Otafire says that out of 600 billion, they plan to source 160.4 billion shillings from increasing fees on replacements of IDS from 50,000 shillings to 200,000 shillings.
Otafire also says that money will be collected from introducing express national identification cards for renewal and people who are getting them for the first time.
Otafire also says that they want to upgrade the new identity cards to a smart card  e-ID and creation of the personal digital identity and will  capture DNAs, fingerprint, facial recognition and Iris.
When asked whether government has plans to capture the DNA of every Ugandan, Otafire noted that the question was immaterial.
The chairperson of the committee, Rosemary Nyakikongoro, says that the increment in 200,000 shillings is too much.
Mugabe Donozio (Ruhinda South MP) noted that the window for express identity cards might be misused when the authority decides to concentrate on people with money and leave those without funds.
Mukono North MP Abdullah Kiwanuka called for NIRA to come up with national IDs that do not expire
William Museveni (Buwekula South MP) asked NIRA to put limitations  on the window for people to change particulars on their national ids.
Donozio expressed concerns  on the issue of non Ugandans who are given national IDs and passports.

4 thoughts on “NIRA Pushes For Shs 200, 000 Fee For National ID Replacement

  1. Henry Abaho

    Please noooo we are Ugandans not strangers why do you treat us like that noooo hapana it’s too much ur just considering the income earners forgetting the locals this is not justice please

  2. Kiidhe Fazir

    Got lost

  3. Konyani wilbrode

    It sorry for the country,the government to obtain money from the residents in such atrick Way,the government could release free replacement in express way that can enable everyone to obtain service

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