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Museveni Adviser Catherine Kusasira Issues ‘Directive’ On Kampala Dev’t Proposals

Musician-turned Special Presidential Adviser on Kampala Affairs, Catherine Kusasira is ready to disprove those who have written off her chances of delivering.

As part of her first tasks, Kusasira is inviting people in Kampala to hand in their proposals on how they want to develop the city and their lives.

Kusasira was recently named Special Presidential Adviser as Museveni seeks to reach out to city dwellers considered to be on the margins of society.

Kusasira greets Museveni at a recent function

“For all Kampala detailed proposals only and developmental plans, drop them on my email: do not call please!
i repeat #Kampala only…..” Kusasira wrote on her Facebook page on Tuesday.

Kusasira’s appointment has sparked a storm in the ruling NRM party with leaders in Kampala questioning her role.

However, Kusasira insists she should be given chance to show her prowess instead accusing the NRM leaders of offering lip service to the public and failing the president.

However, the Ministry of Public Service says they have not received instructions from President Museveni to appoint Catherine Kusasira as presidential adviser and as such, she is not considered as civil servants to receive salary.

Kusasira was appointed together with faded musician Mark Magembe aka Buchaman (Ghetto Affairs).

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