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MPs Return Life Presidency ‘Facilitation’ Money

A number of opposition Members of Parliament opposed to the amendment of the Constitution to remove the age limit for presidential candidates on Wednesday returned money for consultations to Parliament, saying it is unholy.

The MPs were each given Shs29 million on Tuesday for the consultations on the controversial Bill.

The MPs were led by Opposition Chief Whip, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda, who said the money for consultations was illegal.

He added that they intend to write to the Inspector General of Government and the Auditor General to investigate the source of the money.

He said the Parliamentary Legal Committee didn’t include money for this kind of consultation.

“When you read the Public Finance Management Bill, private members aren’t supposed to present a bill that attracts a charge on the consolidated fund. These safe guards are put in the law to protect tax payers’ money,” he said.

He added: “There is no doubt this money has been sent to Parliament by [President Yoweri] Museveni.”

He said MPs must be careful because the moment “you begin holding others accountable, you must yourself be also accountable. You can’t simply divert money because you have created a crisis.”

He said the speed Parliament used to process money is the same speed they used processing Magyezi’s Bill.

“They should all return people’s money because you are here to represent people because you can’t pretend you are representing people yet you eat their money. We all like money, but we can’t accept illegitimate money, we don’t want to be corrupted.”

Others who returned the money are Butambala MP, Muwanga Kivumbi, Moses Kasibante (Lubaga North), Medard Sseggona Lubega (Busiro East), Angelline Osegge (Soroti district Woman MP) and William Nzoghu (Busongora County North).

Other MPs were also in attendance and promised to return the money.

Nzoghu said Museveni should stop taking leaders for granted.

“Museveni stop minimizing us because we didn’t budget for this money. Museveni is quick to buy his way out because he wants to stay in power,” he said, insisting the money should be returned to where it came from.

Muwanga said: “…We will ensure the accounting officer of Parliament gives us an answer on where they got this money. We must know at the end of the day that there are people who are solid, clean and have an impeccable character.”

Sseggona added: “The moment I receive the money, Museveni can have it for dinner because this is his project. Simply because Museveni wants to rule for life, he must invade the Treasury to facilitate his project. One of the reasons why we reject this business for life presidency is because we aren’t stupid…Just because one man wants to subdue the whole of this nation, the Treasury must bleed. It is shameful.”

Osegge said the money is cursed.

“Parliament is continually saying this money is given by Parliament. It is an attempt to launder this money; it is an attempt to make it look clean and make it look like it has good intentions yet behind it is wickedness, theft and something indescribable.”


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