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MPs Reject Museveni Proposal To Make Indians A Ugandan Tribe

A section of MPs have opposed President Yoweri Museveni’s proposal to recognize Indians living in Uganda as a tribe.

Lawmakers accuse the existing Indian community of being discriminative against Ugandans based on their skin colour.

It should be noted that during a dinner at State House, Entebbe last week hosted by President Yoweri Museveni, Indians pleaded to the President to help them become one of Uganda’s tribe since this country has become their home given the fact that their grandparents lived here many years ago.

In response to their pleas, President Museveni promised to oversee the constitutional amendment process that would see Indians among Ugandan tribes.

However, Museveni’s promise could have hit a dead end after MPs vowed to reject the proposal if brought before Parliament.

Some MPs warned Government against rushing to appease the whims of Indians, saying the proposal if approved would be detrimental for Ugandans because the Indians are only seeking to push for their business interests and not concerned with Uganda’s development.

Leading the protest was Oyam Woman MP, Santa Alum, who wondered why Indians want to be recognized in Uganda yet they have refused to assimilate with Ugandans for the entire time they have spent in the country.

The lawmaker said that Uganda is a very friendly country with very warm people and it is only upon Indians if they want to be part of Uganda to behave completely as Ugandans.

“The Indians have been here for a number of years; they have existed in our communities, but there is a big problem, yes they are with us but they want to associate with us to a certain limit. I don’t see intermarriages between Ugandans and Indians.”

Rubaga South MP, Kato Lubwama said that Indians should stop on only getting citizenship and vowed to oppose the proposal if brought before Parliament.

 “If someone is born here, they become Ugandans but I don’t agree with having Indians recognized as a tribe because it would be the most discriminative tribe which has never occurred in Uganda. But for those born here, they should be given citizenship but the plea for a tribe won’t be helpful for national development,” Lubwama said.

He added: “To show you how discriminative Indians are, in companies they secure slots for fellow Indians and no Ugandan can be appointed to those positions. They may plead to the President, but as soon as he leaves power, that tribe will be cancelled and it will be brought to Parliament, it will be us MPs to decide. We don’t want them to do the same thing they did recognizing Rwandans as a tribe.”


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