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Minister Musenero Unveils Solution To High Fuel Prices

Science, Technology and Innovation minister, Monica Musenero, has unveiled the government’s ultimate solution to the high fuel prices that the President has been highlighting in his recent speeches.

This was during the preparations for the use of electric vehicles for public transportation in Kampala on Sunday, which excited passengers who boarded the Uganda-made Kayoola EVS bus.

The dry run held on Sunday to prepare the public for the upcoming use of electric buses in public transportation started at the Constitutional Square to Kawuku Holy City church.

Dickson Kiconco who was among the passengers, hopes the electric buses will relieve people from the exorbitant transport fares due to the high fuel prices.

Loraine Prosper says having Wi-Fi connection in the bus was the best experience. “In spite of being in transit and without a data connection on phone I kept in touch with my friends,” she narrates, adding that this was cashback to her of some sort.

While on board, random statements about the bus were heard, with some vowing never to board any other vehicle except for this.

“I can never board taxis even if it means leaving the church in night” one said.

The different features in its interior also amazed the passengers.

“Look’ it has a camera, air conditioners, and charging points on every seat, we are only missing a toilet,” another exclaimed. “This is the real deal!”

Other features which excited the passengers were the bigger than usual first aid box which many mistook for a baby cabin, and the almost negligible sound this bus makes, only while the engine is starting.

To some, this was the best part of the trip and many who dosed off while in transit, attributed it to this saying they didn’t have sound disturbances hence the sleep. This bus is designed in a way that half of the passengers don’t sit.

Even the transport fare charge was not as big as many expected, as its fare was only 1,000 shillings less than what the fuel public transporters charge of 5,000 shillings for the same distance.

Musenero is very optimistic about an improved public transport system as these buses start operations. She said the above and more experiences are to become a daily occurrence.

In a telephone conversation, Musenero told Uganda Radio Network that this trip is a clear indicator that electric buses can be the real solution to the high fuel prices as the president highlighted in one of his speeches.

Musenero annonced then, that starting Monday, September 29th, 2022, Kalita transporters were going to deploy two Kira motors Kayoola buses, to ply Bweyogerere Busega, along the northern Bypass, with plans to bring on more of such vehicles, to offer reduced transport fares. Adding that it has been in the plan since the president’s address.

These are the first ever electric buses in public transportation on African roads, says Musenero, adding that it is a blessing to Ugandans at such a time when fuel prices are hiking transport fares.

In several of his addresses, president Museveni identifies the use of electric vehicles as the permanent solution to the high fuel prices which have hiked the costs of several products on the market. Kira Motors has in service at least four electric buses, each with a capacity of carrying 90 passengers, two of which were put on the road for public transportation on Monday for the first time.


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