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Minister Mulimba Wants Agencies, Foreign Missions To Jointly Market Uganda

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, John Mulimba wants heads of Uganda’s foreign missions to work closely with government agencies (MDAs) to promote the country.

He has requested that officials from different MDAs be hosted in these countries to help market Uganda economically.

Mulimba’s request, follows the Ministry of Finance’s allocation of nearly UGX 2 billion to 12 selected missions of Uganda in the Financial Year 2024/25, to help market the country.

“This money should be used effectively because it will set an example for other Ugandan missions and could lead to increased funding for economic and commercial diplomacy, helping us reach middle-income status,” said Mulimba on Wednesday.

The Minister made these comments at the Joint Regional Economic & Commercial Diplomacy retreat in Kampala, themed “Enhanced Economic Growth and Development Through Promotion of Economic and Commercial Diplomacy.”

The retreat aims to find ways to boost Uganda’s exports to regional countries by increasing foreign investments and aligning Uganda’s missions abroad with the Ministry’s economic and commercial goals.

He also urged the heads of missions to research and publish data from national and international sources. This will provide accurate data and statistics on current trade and investment rates, which is crucial for promoting economic and commercial diplomacy.

Vincent Waiswa Bagiire, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, said the retreat is meant to remind ambassadors of their role in finding markets for Uganda’s surplus products, which will help grow the economy.

Bagiire, added that the retreat aims to update and prepare ambassadors on foreign relations and strategies to increase Uganda’s regional exports, to be funded by the Ministry of Finance.

Ramathan Ggoobi, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development, and the secretary to the treasury, pledged his support to missions abroad, particularly in marketing Uganda for tourism, securing markets for exports, and attracting quality investors.

Ggoobi emphasized that the tourism industry is a major earner for Uganda and that missions working with the Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda Investment Authority, and the Export Promotions Board will boost tourism. “I promise that we will support missions abroad and provide guidelines on how they can work on these three areas in addition to their traditional agenda,” said Ggoobi.

After the four-day retreat, ambassadors from countries including Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, and Somalia are expected to develop guidelines for joint commissions, address barriers affecting Uganda’s products in the regional market, and align Uganda’s missions abroad with the Ministry’s focus on economic and commercial diplomacy.


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