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Meet Captain Pete Thomas, The Trainer of Uganda Airlines Crew New To Airbus A330

Captain Pete Thomas (pictured above) is an instructor/examiner at Uganda Airlines, Uganda’s national carrier taking the aviation sector by storm.

Captain Thomas brings to the table a solid professional background having been both in the military and commercial sectors of aviation.

He served in the UK Royal Navy, flying and instructing on a range of aircraft from the Sea King Helicopter,  Firefly, Bulldog and Jetstream Fixed Wing Aircraft.

A graduate of the Central Flying School, Thomas instructed Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Commonwealth pilots, and also German and Kuwaiti armed force personnel.

On entering commercial aircraft operations, he flew with established airlines such as BMI, and Etihad Airways. He has flown and instructed on the Airbus aircraft family for over 23 years.

With an extensive background as a trainer and examiner, he is entrusted with ensuring a high standard of training for our crew new to the Airbus A330.

Thomas was also responsible for training and standards of new Examiners and Trainers at Etihad and is looking forward to doing the same with Uganda Airlines pilots.

His love and passion for the industry is evident with a keen eye on not just training to exacting standards, but on ensuring customer satisfaction and comfort on flights. His commitment to Uganda Airlines and the local aviation industry is unwavering.

Summary About Captain Pete Thomas

Fleet: A330

Position: Instructor /Examiner

Total Time : Over 15,000 hours

Total Jet Time: Over 11,000 hours

Total Jet Command : Over 10,000 hours

Qualifications : ICAO  Airline Transport Pilots License (UK,EASA,GCAA, Uganda)

Commercial  Aircraft  Flown: Airbus A330/A321/A320/A319, Boeing 777  

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