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MAK Professor Wants Establishment Of Museveni Education Fund

Prof Andrew Elias State, the dean of the School of Social Sciences at Makerere University, has proposed establishment of a Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Education Fund to help the youth study peace and security in Africa.

Professor State says this would help the youth understand how African liberation wars were planned and executed.

State says it is time to start celebrating the sacrifice that Museveni has made towards the liberation of Africa. Prof Andrew referred to the training that a handful of South Africa anti-apartheid freedom fighters underwent in Kaweweta, Ngoma, Luwero district in late 1980s to augment his assertion that Museveni made a contribution towards the liberation of South Africa.

Prof Andrew made the proposal while speaking at the Nelson Mandela Commemorative lecture at Makerere University on Thursday Themed “Nelson Mandela, the legend: Lesson for the Youth,” the lecture was organised by Department of Political Science and attended by President Museveni, Nelson Mandela’s grand-daughter Zoleka Mandela, Makerere dons and students.

The Kaweweta base was formerly used by National Resistance Army (NRA) in the 1980s during the Museveni led bush war that brought him to power in 1986.

In his three decades in power, Museveni has played a role in ending conflicts, helping support South Africa’s ANC activists, deploying in the Congo, fighting in South Sudan and helping the refugees to fight their way back to Rwanda.

A section of Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) fighters who captured power in Rwanda in 1994 were among the soldiers who fought in the NRA war. Museveni is also credited for leading the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) which is fighting Al-shabaab.


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