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Kenya’s Top Hospital In Another Surgery Gone Wrong

Even before the dust settles on the horror mix-up brain surgery at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), the facility is faced with yet another mishap allegation, the Standard reports.

Susan Nekesa is accusing KNH doctors of rupturing her intestines during a Caesarean section delivery leading to several complications.

She told Citizen TV that she was admitted to the facility on January 25 and successfully delivered twin girls a day after.

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Trouble would however follow the operation.

“When I came to see her, her stomach was inflated and warm. She could not talk and used sign language,” her sister Evelyn Anindo said.

A week later, Susan was wheeled back to the operating table and claims it was then that doctors admitted they knew the cause of her health problem.

“It was seen that she had been wrongly operated and a small portion of her intestine, about 50 centimetres, was outside the enclosing chamber,” Susan’s husband Robert Sitati narrated.

On Tuesday, the parents would receive even more discomforting news. One of the twin girls had died in the nursery.

“One nurse told me that my baby was chocked with milk,” Robert Sitati said. Susan and her family is accusing KNH of negligence even as the hospital continues to operate on a skeleton staff after registrars went on strike after their colleagues were suspended over the botched brain surgery.  KNH have admitted that Susan Nekesa who now uses colostomy bags is their patient.

“We would also like to affirm our commitment to probe the matter with a view to establishing the facts and giving a comprehensive statement at the earliest convenience,” said KNH Acting CEO Dr. Thomas Mutie.

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