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Judiciary, Stop Crying, The Majority Of Uganda Court Officials Are Corrupt

While God, the Almighty was sweeping away the hills, gardens, dismantling and evicting homes in Mt. Masaba in Eastern region (Bududa district) Uganda’s classic, manmade, film-like evictions, call them dry landslides were being executed in Lusanja area in Wakiso district and also in Mukono district sanctioned by cruel justice system backed up by state (uniformed) agents.

This situation continues to elicit sharp criticism from the vulnerable ‘bibanja’ owners and the Wandegeya- based land inquiry commission in equal measure.

However, listening to the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe, Principal Judge Yorokamu Bamwine and other Lawyers breathing fire (brimstone) against one of their own Justice Bamugemereire who accused some court officials who do not visit the Locus before pronouncing themselves on land matters as geared to both complicate and frustrate the land inquiry commission of which she is the presiding executive officer, I could not help but wonder which direction our country is taking especially in the face of these confusing morals to the youth who are the majority.

In 1984, two United States Congress men were disciplined by the House of Representatives for such immoral behavior. The two politicians were completely different in opinions and so was the response to the discipline.

Representatives Alpha (not real name) was politically a conservative. He was known for his tough stand against abortion-on-demand/request and pornography. He was however, once caught in extra marital (sexual) sin. Alpha tearfully confessed to his doing and even participated in voting with his colleagues in his own censure.

Because he had openly taken a strong stand on moral issues but yet caught in compromising sexual situation, the media fraternity surprisingly continued to be critical of Alpha, focusing on his hypocrisy and ignoring or having no room for his open repentance!!.

Then came Representative Bravo (again not real name) was a Liberal  and was in favor of abortion – on-demand who vibrantly argued that pornography was a human rights matter insisting that it is a matter of freedom of choice hence took a stand for gay rights. He too was caught sexual immorality like Alpha involving tender, young men.

He defiantly maintained his innocence yet he was a practicing homosexual arguing therefore that the homo sin was not a big deal. Many of the media houses that had been so critical of Alpha were this time far less critical of Bravo. The media were more comfortable with the non-repentant, open sinner, Bravo than a man whose action (sin) had brought him shame and tears.

The Ugandan youth maybe confused about today’s morals whose custodians the judiciary, religious people and other moralists who are not doing what is required of them. The country dares not buy into this permissiveness.

By Nabendeh Wamoto S.P,

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