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Interpol Boss Tips Ugandans Seeking Jobs Abroad

The Director of  Interpol AIGP Dr. Fred Yiga has urged Ugandans seeking greener pastures abroad to always seek guidance from them, but most importantly go through professional companies licensed by the government.

Yiga made the remarks while flagging off 71 Ugandans who are going through Middle East Consultants Ltd (MECL) to work in United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Jordan and Dubai).

The event took place at MECL head offices in Muyenga on Tuesday.

“Don’t be in a hurry to leave Uganda. Seek guidance from us. Some [Ugandans abroad] suffer because they are trafficked; they go through wrong means,” Yiga said, adding that human trafficking is a thorn in their flesh but they are trying to fight it.

The 71 Ugandans who were flagged off for jobs in UAE

Yiga said on average Interpol Uganda rescues two Ugandans abroad though he admitted that it’s not easy since most victims go through briefcase companies.

He commended Middle East Consultants Ltd for being professional.

“As Police, we don’t have any problem with Middle East Consultants. In case of problems, we shall tell them,” he said.

Candidates listening to Interpol boss Yiga

He urged Ugandans abroad to respect the country’s flag by maintaining discipline, noting that they are our ambassadors.

It should be noted that Interpol issues a “Certificate of good conduct” before Ugandans are cleared to work abroad.

“You can’t make money without discipline. You are still young and the world is ahead of you,” he said.

Middle East Consultants Ltd Managing Director, Gordon Mugyenyi urged the candidates to save and invest in assets like land.

He said that every four months the company pays a visit to the people it takes abroad for jobs as stipulated by Ministry of Labour, Gender and Social Development.This is to ensure that they are safe.

He added that Ugandans have also formed associations abroad to ensure that they stay safe.

He also urged the candidates to represent Uganda well, noting that Ugandans are having huge demand abroad.

“We need to keep our name; job orders keep coming; we can have orders of 100-200 per day,” he said.




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