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Huawei Uganda Unveils Solar Solutions

Group Photo at the Uganda partner summit

Huawei Digital Power held a FusionSolar Partner Summit in Kampala, Uganda for the first time, which was themed, ‘Lighting Up a Greener Africa’, and was aimed at bringing together Huawei Digital Power channel partners to release its latest sustainable energy solutions into the Ugandan industry.

Mr. Sunrise Xie, MD of Huawei Uganda office remarked at the summit, Huawei is the leading industry supplier that can provide full-scenario solar solutions. As a leading vendor in the ICT industry, Huawei’s Digital Power brings valuable additions to the transformation of the energy industry.

“By integrating electronic and digital technologies, Huawei’s ‘4T’ technologies can enable the traditional solar energy industry to be more efficient and more intelligent. Extracting from the words ‘Watt, Heat, Battery, and Bit’. The ‘4T’ technology refers to Huawei’s innovations in the field of power electronics, thermal management, power storage, and Cloud and AI,” he said.

Mr. Sunrise Xie, MD of Huawei Uganda office speaks at the summit

This means that for the long-term development of the PV industry, Huawei can provide partners with strong support of ” Innovative Portfolio, Quality, Delivery, Service, OEM Brand and Training support”.

Olivier, CEO of Huawei Digital Power Eastern Africa Region, spoke about how carbon neutrality and intelligence will lead humanity into an era of ecological civilization. “With the continuous improvement of photovoltaic (PV) generation efficiency and lower prices,” he said, “the era of ‘PV+ Storage parity’ is coming, and PV + energy storage solutions (ESS) will become the most economical and universal form of power.

Olivier added, “Facing the booming market prospects of the PV industry, Huawei Digital Power will continue to deepen its ecological strategy, adhering to the principles of “shared benefits as the bridge, integrity as the foundation, and rules as the guarantee”. Huawei will establish a partnership system based on “trust, profit, simplicity, and growth,” growing together with partners and winning in the new era of Digital Power.

During the event, Huawei Digital Power also released its channel partner policy, true to its commitment to achieving mutually beneficial outcomes with local partners in an integrated ecosystem. The ecosystem partner policies are capability-driven, based on four ‘PSEE’ measures:

Profitability: to secure the profitability of partners;

Simplicity: to simplify policies and processes for easier cooperation;

Enablement: to improve partner capabilities continuously;

and Ecosystem: to invest in ecosystem development.

Olivier said that over the past two decades, Huawei has established a solid foundation in Africa and built information connection services on the continent. In the coming two decades, Huawei will work with localized partners to provide ubiquitous energy services in Africa.

In addition, Nick Lusson, Vice President of Huawei Digital Power Eastern Africa Region, outlined trends in the global smart PV industry, including growth in smart string inverters for which Huawei is the principal promoter globally. Nick outlined Huawei’s commitment to increase research and development (R&D) investment in smart PV, to bring low-carbon and cleaner green energy to more people, families, and organizations in our commitment to bring clean energy to every person, home, and organization.

All-Scenario Smart PV+ESS Solutions were introduced in the event.

Residential Smart PV Solution: A Home That Always Shines

  • Huawei Residential Smart PV Solution optimizes energy yield, storage, consumption, and safety to ensure electricity self-sufficiency.
  • Residential Smart PV & ESS Solutions: Power-M and Residential Smart PV Battery. The Residential Smart PV Battery is a one-stop solution which offers stable and reliable power to homes, offices and apartments. Power-M is an all-in-one modular Smart String Energy Storage system, with multi-scenario applications, such as apartments, business outlets, homes or villas, and it is a hybrid power solution which integrates grid, solar, Diesel Generator (DG) and battery.

Commercial & Industrial Smart PV Solution: One-stop for a Sustainable Business

  • For commercial and industrial (C&I) users, the energy storage products, such as LUNA2000-200KWH, have been highlighted which features security and efficiency, simple O&M, and added power revenue.
  • Huawei Smart String ESS solutions, which include the LUNA 200kWh, LUNA 1MWh, LUNA 2MWh, and Power-S. These Huawei Smart String ESS solutions provide more safety, longer product life, more usable energy, simplified O&M and provide independent battery racks and packs control, compared to Central ESS solutions.

Utility Smart PV&ESS Solution: Enabling PV Electricity as a Main Energy Source

  • Huawei Digital Power employs “Artifical intelligence (AI) + grid forming technology” to create intelligent PV + ESS generator, utilizing three major stability reconstruction technologies, namely voltage stability reconstruction, frequency stability reconstruction, and power angle stability reconstruction. It serves as a crucial core solution for addressing the weak power grids in Africa and is the optimal choice for large-scale bases.

At the summit, several partners shared their energy experience of their partnership and cooperation with Huawei, based on Huawei premium product solutions, extensive channel policy and their notable projects since they have cooperated with Huawei.

Partnership is the key in the new era of solar. With the spirit of creating a low carbon society, Huawei pledged to create a better, greener future with its partners in the spirit of lighting up a greener Africa.




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