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How Shs1m Can Give You Shs300,000 Profit Per Month

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There are a few enterprises that can give you a profit of Shs300,000 after Shs1m investment.  However, this is has been made possible at PROF BIORESEARCH, a company founded by Julius Nyanzi, a Ugandan Bio-Entrepreneur, scientist, researcher and innovator.

The company only deals in organically grown crops/ foods or organically manufactured products because of their healthy benefits. It is worth noting that world over, the demand for organic products is on the rise.

Below are a few money generating opportunities you can tap into at PROF BIORESEARCH.

Sprouts (Amamera)

In the African traditional society, sprouts (amamera) of crops such as millet, sorghum, maize, beans among others are used for many purposes including brewing. According to Nyanzi, farmers can make more money by turning some of their harvest into sprouts considering the fact that prices for crops keep fluctuating.

He says sprouts are rich in enzymes and other nutrients that help in fermentation and other organic production processes. At Prof Bioresearch, sprouts are used as an important ingredient in making organic supplements

Sprouts during germination

The process : To make sprouts, Nyanzi says one needs three major requirements; stands (trays), a drier and seven kilograms of the crops mentioned above. The area needed to operate this kind of business is 3 feet by 4 feet for the stand.

The stand costs Shs500,000, while a drier also goes for Shs500,000. These are the only key components that one will spend on once since they can stay for a long period of time. All these can be bought from Prof. Bioresearch.

Nyanzi says a stand accommodates seven trays with each (tray) having one kilogram. This implies a stand accommodates seven kilograms. The seven kilograms of seeds of any of the crops are watered so that they can  germinate. After germination, the seven kilograms will give you 21 kilograms of dried sprouts (amamera). Germination takes seven days while drying takes three days, meaning that the whole investment cycle takes about 10 days.

Nyanzi says there is ready market for sprouts at Prof Bioresearch and a kilogram of sprouts goes for Shs5,000. This means that a farmer can earn as high as Shs105, 000 every 10 days which is an equivalent of Shs300,000 per month (assuming the farmer didn’t buy the seeds). If the farmer buys the seeds, the profit can reduce by between Shs10,000 to Shs30,000 depending on the seeds bought by restocking.

“It is important to note that after buying the stand and the drier, one will only be required to get seeds only and continuing earning about Shs100,000 every after 10 days,” says Nyanzi.

It should be noted that 1m is the initial capital needed, the higher you invest, the higher the returns.

Organically made Shoe Polish

Another investment opportunity at Prof. Bioresearch is making shoe polish that is organic. There is a wide market for shoe polish considering the growing number of school going children and the working class. The current polish on market has lots of chemicals which are not disclosed, putting the users including children at risk of diseases and serious side effects.

Nyanzi says the motivation behind this innovation is to make polish which is environmentally friendly, with minimal side effects, less damage and to create employment to the youth.

The main ingredient used is Castor oil which is made from Caster seeds locally known as “Ensogasoga”. Castor oil is becoming a popular product for women hair and massaging. It is manufactured after roasting the Castor seeds to remove the poisonous chemical from the seeds.

The other key requirements to make this shoe polish are;  Vaseline, colour, preservative (paraffin), bottles for packaging and a mixer (sauce pan).

Nyanzi says oil is the shining ingredient in polish and it also protects it from environmental hazards especially water. He adds that Vaseline which is the base ingredient olds all other ingredients. It also protects the shoe from water.

Colour is got from different sources for example black from fine thieved charcoal, Dark tan from dried Beetroot, and white from lime. Powdered oxides can also be used as colour agent. It doesn’t cost much to start this business.

Organic Aftershave


Organic after shave is good for preventing mashes after shave. In men, this is a common problem because most of them react to the inorganic aftershaves. Ethanol also causes dizziness.

Nyanzi says the youth can tap into this area with a minimum investment capital of Shs300,000.

The key requirements here are cypress water (kakomera), flowers for aroma, colour from grass, and packaging.

His company offers practical training on how to make the above products and many more others.

For more Information contact: Prof Bioresearch  0702061652

Richard Kamya
Richard is a Digital Communication Specialist and an Entrepreneur

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  1. Ani

    We need a branch in Jinja or Iganga.

  2. Ssendi Karim

    So inspiring. But sustainability of the market since you are the sole buyer as prof. bioresearch!
    The big worry is about market sustainability!

    Otherwise thanks for the innovation.

  3. Nampijja Florence

    We need to get another brunch in masaka

  4. Mutumba Ian

    Prof webale nnyo Naye nze Nina bbulooka zange tezinaba kujja mate ziyinza kuvaamu nga500000zokka Kati ate njagadde okulima sprouts nsobola okuzifuna me nsasula nga nzize okutunda?

  5. Kakooza James

    Thanks Prof for the business of sprouts
    How much do I need to make amamera using a biomass drier?And how much do I earn per month?
    Is maize good for sprouts ?
    Am waiting for the answers.
    Thanks and God bless you

  6. Milton Kamoti Wasunguyi

    I am super impressed by your innovations and creativity. I come from Elgon region in Bududa district and our major crops potential for value additions are: Arabica coffee, avocado, Bogoya, bamboo, bananas, onions etc. I am interested in working with your research center to add value to our crops and create employment opportunities for the youth. Which areas do you recommend for our engagement. Thank you

  7. Julius

    Very good idea but the startup is always not am sure we shall make it

  8. Phionah

    Thank you so much professor, some should teach me please 0774384233

  9. Ssendijja Peter

    We have a lot of resources , if we can get more support for innovative people down here in UG

  10. Pk Tusubira

    Great working

    • Namyalo

      Wat if I don’t have money for the drier wat can I use as an option for it such that when my business grows I buy it later

  11. Thanks allot , long time ago I told the public that , Uganda we can Develop our country within 4 years , because everything is needed to develop ourselves we have them, here,

    to those who are looking food processing Machine, agriculture Machines , Natural oil distill Machines please contact Facebook, Richard Muwonge, whats-up 0784123799

  12. KASIRYE Hassan

    It’s awesome brother. Your such an amazing creature Thanx to God. Is training free or at a fee and on what days Professor? ?

  13. Nyafwonolillian89

    I want to learn how to make kuma sigiri and to the molds. Pliz email me where to get you

  14. Mubiru Michael

    Thanks a lot,are you in office daily or one should first make an appointment ?
    Secondly what are the charges for consultation ?.



  15. Nakimuli Stella

    Thank you professor, but if we are ten million people can you buy all our sprouts? My concern is the market . If not you where else can I find the market because I have picked the interest.thank you.

  16. Nicholas Wendo

    Am glad I read your post. Am interested indeed and I have the capital as I speak, my only worry is market and sustainability. Incase I invest my little money in it and then fail to find where to sell it. So my question is that apart form your farm, where else can I sell the sprouts.

  17. Okware

    Loved ur program.
    Shall meet u some day

  18. Agnes Nganda

    Inspiring. Nze njagala ku liima stevia. Naye esiggo(seedlings) nzijawa? Mumpe ku contact yamwe.

  19. Kulabako umaru

    I have discovered my self am going to contact professor

  20. Desire

    Fantastical c innovations,if they are true.

  21. peter

    my fellow youth,please donot jump on these ideas,take time to do more research on profs ideas otherwise so many pple come with these ideas with them getting money 4rm training u and selling u their products and in the end when u start u hav no where to sell what the hav trained abt eg moringa,kroilers,ekigaji etc

    • Ambrose Oven Oloya

      You’ve spoken my mind Peter. One might do the project but the problem comes in marketing

  22. Magomu Victor

    Dear professor am humbled and inspired by your sessions but how do can these sprouts reach you and May I get your contact please

  23. Moses

    This is inspiring doctor. How can i get to know more about this?

  24. Fred mutebi

    You are so inspiring, May God expand you generously.

  25. NyiiroRogers

    Thank you for the information, when and how much is the training?

  26. Paul.

    Thanks for the wonderful and inspiring message u share globally.
    Will be coming for the sprout training cos i do piggery and dats one of the recommended feed.

  27. Sseyiga frank

    Woow that is some thing good and am to join u anytime

  28. Sigowa Geoffrey

    If anyone is growing Flax seeds can I talk to you please. I need to see how you are doing it please. 0772990348/0755844061. thanx

  29. Wanume henry

    Where to find you

  30. Lubyayi Emmanuel

    I’m proud of you PROF. God bless u

    • Mauso David

      You are very enterprising and innovative person.I would like to do oil extraction from ginger. How much is initial capital. According to what u said on Akabozzi u said you that u buy the oil yourself. Is it so? . Kindly update me on it.
      Mauso David

  31. Enock mubiru

    Thanks so much, us youths we can make money thru dat but are u reachable

  32. ssegawa micheal

    Naye mussajja gwe oliwamanyi nyo mugwanga era gwe omu kubantu abasaana okusimibwa.kubanga otadde etafali kunsi coming for mamera program am so ttacked.bwebiba bitufu poorness is over in my life walayi.naye lwakyi abavubuka bawano bakyagenda ebweru(abroad).mbubanonya mirimu nga ate bagireka wano thanks ssebo go on.

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