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Fire Destroys Two Fuel Tankers, Coaster At Uganda-Congo Border

One of the fuel tankers burning  

Two fuel tankers and a Coaster have been burnt beyond recognition by a fire whose exact cause is yet to be established.

It is said that at about 3:00am (EAT) Friday morning, a fuel tanker Reg No. KCN019Q/ZF7830 conveying Diesel (fuel) to the Democratic Republic of Congo arrived at Goli border post located 448 Kilometres north of Kampala.

However, the vehicle caught fire shortly after parking.

Ian Rumanyika, Ag. Assistant Commissioner, Public and Corporate Affairs at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) said in a statement that the cause of fire is suspected to be friction of the rear tyres. “Unfortunately, the fire extended to another fuel tanker Reg No. 0887AA07/0888AA07 and a Coaster unit that were parked on the roadside nearby burning the two completely,” Rumanyika said. 

The Coaster that was burnt beyond recognition

He added: “The fire was immediately put out and all the trucks that were parked on the roadside were accorded temporary exit into Congo, hereby minimizing the damage and destruction it could have caused.”

Rumanyika confirmed that there was no human causality or loss of any other property save for the two fuel tankers and the coaster mentioned above.

“The exact cause of the fire is currently under investigation by the Uganda Police Force,” Rumanyika noted.

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