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EC: Negative COVID-19 results required for journalists covering nomination of presidential candidates

Journalists who want to cover the nominations of presidential candidates on Monday and Tuesday will present COVID-19 negative results to access the venue, according to the Electoral Commission.

This was revealed by the commission on Friday ahead of the nominations early next week.

“The Electoral Commission is desirous of ensuring that all stakeholders in the electoral process, closely follow the proceedings of the nomination exercise and are kept informed, through the media, of the successfully nominated candidates, and the official announcement of the polling dates for the 2021 General Elections,” the commission says.

It adds, “All media persons who have been cleared to physically attend and cover the nomination exercise will be required to present a 72-hr PCR negative test for COVID19, which will be taken at their own cost.”

In order to achieve this awareness while limiting the number of media personnel at the nomination venue, the Commission has provided for live TV production and broadcasting of the nomination event in real time (live) to national and international audiences.

Nomination proceedings will be followed via various platforms, including television and radio broadcasts, and social media streaming, posts and updates.

All national and international television and radio broadcasters who are interested in broadcasting live the nomination exercise are advised to handover their Live Broadcasting Units to the Office of the Public Relations Officer, Electoral Commission, not later than 31st October 2020, for further delivery to the nomination venue where they will be connected with a live clean feed.

Broadcasters that are interested in short videos and pictures of the nomination exercise are advised to provide their email addresses to the PR Office: where content will be shared in real time.

The Commission has, made provision for limited access by media and the list of identified media national and international media personnel was forwarded to the Accreditation Office for necessary clearance.

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