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Do Not Fight Robbers Once Cornered, Enanga Cautions

Enanga police PRO


The police have urged Ugandans not to resist or fight with robbers, in the event that they have already been cornered.


Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga says that many people are being killed or severely injured by robbers because they try to put up resistance once they are under attack. He cites an example of Ali Opio, a mobile money dealer who was shot and killed when he fought five armed thugs in a bid to protect the money that was in his bag during an attack in Kamuli district.


Police investigations indicate that the thugs decided to shoot Opio after sensing that he was energetic and was determined to protect his money. He was attacked outside his house gate in the night hours.


“He tried to put up resistance and he was shot. Whenever you become resistant, they also become brutal. The late Opio Ali tried to fight three or four people armed with a gun. We urge people to ‘cooperate’ with criminals because there is no amount of money worth your life,” Enanga said.



Crime intelligence alerts show incidents of trailing business persons, as well as other persons perceived to be carrying huge sums of money or valuables, are regaining ground. Other than the Kamuli incident, mobile patrol police rescued a Pakistan national in Kabalagala who was being attacked outside his home gate.


Security tips Ugandans that they can reduce incidents of being targeted by thugs by not often carrying huge amounts of money or valuables. In case one has to carry money or expensive valuables, Enanga advises that such people seek police protection.


“You are aware of people who are trailed from their places of work like mobile money dealers, people from banks where suspects trail you up to your home and they attack you as you are entering your gate. If you are carrying valuables or hard cash you should always alert police to protect you,” Enanga said.


Police’s Flying Squad Unit (FSU) and Crime Intelligence (CI) have already arrested five suspects in Opio’s murder. These include William Mukisa, Joel Mwebya, Alex Lubuka, Janata Kateyira and Moses Kataja.


Investigators have established that the gun that was used to kill Opio was robbed by a security guard Matege Joseph who was guarding at Send a Cow Uganda and they killed him. Enanga said robbery and murder charges have already been preferred against the five suspects.


At least 21 people have previously been arrested by CI and FSU with the help of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras for trailing and mugging people suspected to be carrying money in their bags. The CCTV captured them waylaying people along Lumumba Avenue, Namirembe Road and Prince Charles Drive in Kololo.



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