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Chinese Construction Company Saves Locals From 8 Km Trek For Water

According to research done by Wash a non-government organization with interest in water and sanitation in Uganda, over eight million Ugandans have no access to clean water. The report indicates that the most affected areas are parts of rural Uganda. A clear example of this, are residents of Bamutukudde Gayaza in Mukono district who have had to trek over 10 miles approximately 15km on a daily basis in search for water.

“We have been walking a very long distance to search for water from the neighboring wetlands because most the wells where we were fetching water dried up” said Samson Ntambi.

On 30th May, 2017 however, China Communications Constructions Company (CCCC) came to the rescue of the residents when it officially opened to use a well that will be used by over 1000 homes in rural Mukono.

At the handover of the well, Zhang Lei, the deputy manager of CCCC Entebbe Airport Expansion Project said “We were notified that there is perennial shortage of water in Bamutukudde and that the residents have to walk a distance of over ten which almost takes half day to and from.”

CCCC, the company Upgrading and Expanding the Entebbe International Airport as well as constructing the Kampala-Entebbe Expressway Project handed over the well to residents in a ceremony that was witnessed by a number of CCCC employees as well as the residents of Bamutukudde and the neighboring villages who will benefit from the new water source.

“The water from this well has been tested by the Laboratory of Uganda Water Conservancy Bureau. The result shows that the water is enough and safe to drink. It will satisfy the daily requirements of the locals. We believe as CCCC that Global responsibility creates harmony and win-win.” said Zhang.

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