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Britam Easy Earner To Offer Stable Returns On Fixed Tenor Investments

The Britam Asset Managers Uganda has introduced an investment solution that gives its clients access to competitive, short term interests on their fixed tenor investments for a pre-determined time. This follows the launch of the Fixed Income Money Market Fund (FIMMF) dubbed, Britam Easy Earner, today by the Britam Assets General Manager Ronald Kasolo.

Commenting on the new product Mr. Kasolo elaborated that it is a collective savings scheme fund, a relatively low risk investment that will offer investors a stable return for specified tenures varying from three months, six months and 12 months with a possibility of an extension.

Britam Easy Earner is designed to serve the needs of investors whose primary goal is to minimize investment volatility, and earn a stable return on their investment portfolio. The fund aims to provide investors with returns on investment over the short to medium term.

“Given the changing business terrain, we are always challenged to keep innovating new products that can best serve the varying portfolio of our clients. This particular product covers both the short to medium term investors given the different investment tenures. If someone can fix a given amount of money for only three months, we are ready to serve you. If you want to fix money for 12 months we have you covered as well,” said Mr. Kasolo.

“One of the major benefits we are offering to our clients through this product is tax efficiency. The interest earned will not be subjected to withholding tax. In addition, the product offers investment diversity, encompassing investment areas such as money markets securities, including government treasury bills and fixed income securities such as government treasury bonds.” Noted Mr.Kasolo as he further elaborated on the benefits associated with this investment product.

With the Britam Easy Earner, the Company seeks to attract retail customers seeking returns on their monthly savings, parents seeking low to medium risk annual returns as they save for their children’s education, high net worth individuals looking for diversification and alternative streams of income among others.

Corporates and SMEs also stand to gain from the fixed income money market fund. They can invest part of their revenue reserves and funds lying idle in bank accounts. The returns on investment can fund business expansion or be a source of project financing revenue.

Institutions could also gain from this product such as the educational institutions that receive large sums of money at the beginning of a term or semester, for gradual deployment over the term/ semester. These flows require a product that allows for locking of funds into predestined tenors that align to funds requirement points.

FIMMF allows investors to access their cash when they need it with flexible withdrawals within 72hours. Britam customers can invest the fund at its branches, with minimum subscription amounts of UGX 5M and a minimum top up of UGX 2M.

Britam Asset Managers, launched in 2017, is holding 12% of the industry’s Assets Under Management. It is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority.

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