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Bank of Uganda Lawyers Leak Crane Bank Top Depositors’ Secrets

Bank of Uganda (BoU) lawyers; AF Mpanga and MAAKS Advocates have leaked the client list of former Crane Bank account holders.

The list was submitted to the Commercial Court as evidence in the Crane bank saga and ongoing court battle between Bank of Uganda (Crane Bank under receivership) and Sudhir Ruparelia, the founder of the defunct bank over its collapse.

BoU early this year sold Crane Bank to dfcu Bank.

Sources indicate that leaking secrets of depositors is contrary to common procedure and a breach of mutual trust.

Some clients of former Crane Bank are threatening to also sue BOU and its lawyers for this anomaly.

“This also puts the future of commercial banking at risk as it scares away both current and future bankers,” a source said of the impact this leakage could cause to the banking sector.  The case is up for its next hearing on November 14, 2017.

Below is a list of some of the leaked accounts:

  • Natonal Social Security Fund (NSSF) had 13 accounts in Crane Bank having at least Shs85bn in deposits.
  • Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) had 6,417,197,766/ on account 1002013520000556
  • Manir Ahmed & Shahida B Arain had 4,420,000,000 on account No.


  • ECO Fuel Africa Foundation had Shs3,475,863,504 on account No.1021013520000027.
  • John Kato had Shs3,365,000,000 on account No.1002013510003589
  • Hydrey Forex Bureau LTD had Shs3,000,000,000 on account No. 1002013520000478.
  • Pride Microfinance LTD had Shs2,250,000,000/ on account No. 10020135220000452.
  • James Rwanyarare had Shs2,200,000,000 on account No. 1009013510000466.
  • National Water and Sewerage Corporation had Shs2,183,297,447 on account No. 10020161500000216,
  • BV Ruparelia had Shs2,221,142,181 on account No.1002013510002263,
  • Ateenyi Barugahara had Shs2,0000, 000,000 on account No. 1002013510002726,
  • Kamishani Eunice had Shs2,000,000,000 on account No.1002013510003724
  • Prudential Assurance Uganda Limited had Shs1,930,266,600 on account No. 1002013520000490,
  • Ateenyi Barugahara had Shs1,862,000,000 on account No.10022013510003076
  • Vinay Ruparelia had USD550,589 on account No.100202351004307,
  • Rwambuya John had USD550,512 on account No.10020223510004063
  • Damanico Propertes LTD had Shs1,800,000,000 on account No.


  • Doshi M Rasikal, Shairoz had USD525,000
  • Medallion Engineering had USD 500,000
  • Mutabaazi Francis had USD500,000
  • Manzoor Ahmed Arain had 1,700,346,596
  • Medallion Engineering LTD had USD500,000
  • Goldstar Insurance COLTDPRE had Shs1,086,515,310 on account 1005013510000289,
  • Doshi Tushar Raskilal, Mitesh had USD500,000
  • Medallion Engineering Limited had 1,500,000,000
  • Kampala Diocese Micro Scheme had Shs1,151,548,218
  • Doshi M Rasikal, Shairoz MD hadUSD315,300
  • Mutabazi Francis had Shs1,610,370,000
  • National Water and Sewerage Corporation had 1,482,781,784/
  • Mutabaazi Francis had Shs1,000,000,000
  • Ben Kavuya and Barbra Kavuya had Shs3, 000,000,000/ on five accounts.
  • Kirumira Godfrey had Shs500,000,000 on account 1019013510000236

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