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Apaa Land Saga Exaggerated To Appear Acholi Problem – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has warned leaders in Acholi sub region against blowing the Apaa land saga out of proportion.

Museveni sounded the warning on Wednesday during the 6th phase of the nation-wide wealth creation campaign where he addressed leaders of Acholi sub-region at National Teachers College Unyama grounds, in Gulu Municipality.

“I want to dissuade you from following the rhetoric of diversionary leaders. The issue of Apaa is being blown out of proportion. It is a local to Apaa people. Do not aggravate it as if the entire Acholi region is embroiled in land wrangles.,” the president said.

The contested land that has sometimes led to violent and deadly clashes borders Amuru and Adjumani districts.

Today, residents of Apaa blame the government for the constant conflict between Uganda Wild life Authority and Madi from Ajumani clashing with the Acholi from Amuru because of a 2002 Act of Parliament that gazetted the area without consulting the locals.

The president promised that government would deal with the Apaa land problem to the satisfaction of communities there.

“That is what I hear some leaders allover radios talking. Do not paralyse the development agenda. We shall deal with the Issue of Apaa and solve it to the satisfaction of those in Apaa,” the president promised.

He added,”Government is going to support you through grants from the various initiatives already running eg, OWC, Youth fund, Women fund, PWD fund etc. This financial year we are introducing the Youth value addition fund, to cater for the various youth involved in enterprises like; Salons, carpentry, Boda Boda, bakery , artisans etc.”

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