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Account Opening On The Go: What You Need To Know About Dfcu Bank’s Secondary Account Ku Spot

Lloyd Jonathan Busuulwa, Head Alternative Channels, dfcu Bank

“The creation of solutions like the dfcu’s Ku Spot Secondary Account is in line with our Bank Customer Obsessed Strategy which centres the provision of fast, secure and reliable solutions in response to the voice of our customers, across the country and in the diaspora, Lloyd Jonathan Busuulwa, Head, Alternative Channels, dfcu Bank.

dfcu Bank recently launched a paperless account opening solution that allows existing customers to open an account online, using dfcu QuickBanking, the Bank’s digital banking platform, in a new campaign called ‘Secondary Account Ku-Spot’. The solution offers customers the option to open Current or Savings accounts anytime, anywhere using the dfcu QuickApp or dfcu QuickOnline platform  https://internet.dfcugroup.com/

dfcu Bank’s Head of Alternative Channels, divulges more about this solution and why it was introduced.

Q: dfcu Bank announced the launch of an instant Secondary Account Opening campaign. Please shade some light on this campaign and why it was launched.

A: We started our digital transformation journey in 2017 and, this milestone brings us closer to our aspiration to become a digitally led bank. We are focused on leveraging technology and providing modern banking solutions that meet the unique needs of today’s customers, while ensuring faster, safer, and enhanced user experiences for our customers

The newly launched ‘Secondary Account Ku-Spot’ offers our customers the option to open either a Current or Saving accounts anytime, anywhere using the dfcu QuickApp or dfcu QuickOnline platform  https://internet.dfcugroup.com/.

We are basically giving our customers an opportunity to open another account conveniently and instantly, based on their needs.

Q: Who is this Secondary Account targeted to?

A: This account is targeted to an existing customer of the Bank, with diverse financial needs that require different accounts for ease in tracking their income and expenditure For these customers, it would be time-consuming and bothersome to physically visit any of our branches, provide a fresh set of Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation to open a new account. This solution now enables them to do it at their convenience, ku spot.

Our customers are also able to choose a preferred currency based on available currency options as they open their Secondary account.

Q: How do the consumers benefit from this ‘Secondary Account ku Spot’ offering?

A: Upon opening the Secondary account, customers will continue to experience convenient banking by carrying out all their transactions through the dfcu Bank digital channels:

  • dfcuQuickCode via *240#
  • dfcuQuickApp
  • dfcuQuickOnline
  • dfcuAgent Banking
  • dfcu24/7 Smart ATMs for deposits and withdrawals

Please walk us through the process of opening a Secondary Account

To open a Secondary Account with dfcu, customers can:

Customers have a wide array of accounts to choose from including the Smart Plan Account, any of dfcu’s Savings Accounts, Current Accounts and Salary Accounts.

Q: Any final words?

A: In our Bid to Make More Possible, we shall continue to develop solutions in response to our customer’s voice, whether that be for new or existing customers, and solutions like Ku Spot Secondary Account are testimony to our commitment. We are working on a Ku Spot solution that will support our acquisition of New to Bank Customers.

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