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SWORDS OUT! Gashumba Vows To Fight NBS Boss Kariisa

Uganda’s controversial social-political commentator,Frank Gashumba has vowed to challenge popular NBS Television to protect his brand.

Gashumba made this vow in a lengthy Facebook post saying he is using the courts of law to challenge NBS that knifed him off a show on the television.

Below is the post

I am a strong man
Everything that has hit me in my life, I have dealt with it on my own. I have grown and overcome things that were meant to break me. I get stronger day by day and I have to thank God for that. I have been called many things by people I don’t know, people that I have never met, people that don’t even know your middle name. People who don’t even know you, hate you.
That’s when you know that you are the best.

Quitter is not one of them, I am not a Pastor, I am not a Politician, I am not a sports man or an artist etc but I am highly respected in the society and beyond. I have travelled across the country and I have been to over 46 countries. Basically, I am a leader without a title and when I speak people listen that’s why I have been invited to Universities, Schools, Companies, Churches as a motivational speaker because my messages resonates on inspiring people.

Every single day I get up and I keep fighting for a better Uganda than the one I see today. I am for the truth no matter who tells it. I have inspired many Ugandans based on the messages I receive everyday, that’s why on radio and TV, I don’t engage myself in Comedy, cheap politics because I am obliged to speak the truth as I see it and that’s what Uganda demands now.

I am very open to criticism but I am not open to blackmail, falsehoods; that’s why on social media I rarely reply to comments. When someone posts a wonderful message, I always inbox him or her for partnerships.

The greatest lesson I have learnt in life is that I still have to learn.
On social media, I have been insulted personally, my family to the extent of even abusing my mother, an old woman living in Masaka. When you insult me, I ignore but when you attack my family, you have crossed the red line! I don’t take that lightly.

Two weeks back, NBS TV published a letter that was meant to defame, to degrade Frank Gashumba in the public eye.
With NBS, I have officially filed a civil suit for defamation.
In my entire life, I have never started war with someone but when someone attacks me, I have to fight back. So now we are going to fight through the courts of law.
Upto today I don’t understand why NBS wrote that letter but I am leaving no stone unturned. Yes they have tried burying us before, they didn’t know that we were seeds.

It has taken me many years to build my brand, I won’t allow anyone who dares to destroy my brand and image. GASHUMBA IS HOUSE HOLD BRAND NAME. I will fight!!!!!

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Frank M.Gashumba.


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