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Parliament Bans Journalists From Organizing Conferences For MPs

The Parliament of Uganda has banned journalists from organizing press conferences for Members of Parliament, saying that only Parliament’s Department of Communications is mandated to do so.

“We would like to remind you of your duties as Journalists accredited to cover Parliament, which does not include convening Press Conferences for MPs or any other group,” Parliament says.

Parliament says journalists may have personal relations with Members of Parliament, but that should not extend to them  exercising functions that are not meant to be carried out by them.

“We are aware that some MPs may approach you for the same but advise them to liaise with the Department of Communications and Public Affairs, which is mandated to organize such events having established venue, and other administrative issues. There have been times where you have caused clashes at the venues of such meetings,” a statement from Parliament reads, adding: “Please be advised that failure to comply will attract sanctions to you including but not limited to withdrawal of accreditation. You are also advised that for as long as these meetings take place in the precincts of Parliament, you have no business organizing such meetings.”


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