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MP Nsereko Calls For Relaxation On Loan & Rent Payments

The Kampala Central MP, Muhammad Nsereko has called for relaxation on payment of loans, rent and utilities to Ugandan business community cope with effects of the deadly COVID-19 aka Coronavirus.

Nsereko (pictured) made the call today while addressing journalists at Parliament where he urged the public to take the global pandemic seriously, noting that it kills.

Among his proposals is the call to Bank of Uganda to come up with directives to commercial banks to reschedule loans of all those indebted for 90-120 days because the borrowers have been affected by coronavirus disruptions. 

On relaxing of rent, Nsereko said:  “There are many people that operate commercial buildings and we have to strike balance that we don’t accept eviction of people who fail to pay rent as well as relax payment on rental taxes for 90-120 days.”

He added: “”We urge all of you to see it wise to consider this in order to achieve social distancing. Bank of Uganda should talk to banks to relax and reschedule loans. This is also the time that utility companies must consider not charging bills. NWSC is a fully State-owned company; it should not to charge water bills; we want people to continue washing hands and if water is expensive, it will yield causes of virus. The President should issue directive to NWSC to stop charging water bills.”

He further urged Ugandans to do social distancing as recommended by the Ministry of Health.

He also cautioned Ugandans against stigmatising individuals who test positive to the deadly disease, saying the victims didn’t apply to fall sick and also warned Ugandans that anyone can fall victim to Coronavirus.

Although Nsereko welcomed some of the directives by President Yoweri Museveni geared towards controlling congestion, he said that the 32 days period in which to implement the directives are too many because the city is likely to shut down, a move that will leave about 2.5million people within the city without any source of income.

He also said that there is need for Umeme to stop disconnecting power for next 90 days or reschedule payment and urged Government to rethink its decision to leave electricity distribution in the hands of the private sector.

Nsereko also calls  on National Social Security Fund (NSSF) to allow savers access funding to the tune of 10%, stating that the move will be critical at encouraging other Ugandans to save.

The lawmaker commended the medical team that has put its life on danger to ensure the pandemic doesn’t cause a catastrophe in Uganda and called on Government to give the medical team a daily motivational allowance.

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