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Makerere University Africa’s 5th Best In Latest Ranking

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Makerere University has been ranked the 5th best in Africa, according to The Times Higher Education World University rankings released last week.

The best University in Eastern Africa lost two positions given the fact that in the previous ranking it was 3rd best in Africa.

The University of Cape Town in South Africa leads the pack in Africa.

The study assessed five metrics to rank them — teaching, research, citations, international outlook and knowledge transfer.

The report indicates that Makerere University scored a grade of 11.6 in research while University of Cape Town has a 36.2 grade in research, Africa’s best.

Meanwhile, The University of Nairobi has moved one position up to be ranked the 11th best university in Africa even as it trails peers in research, female student enrolment and lecturer-student ratio.

Globally, Makerere is ranked 401-500, a band used to catgorise universities with close results, while Cape Town comes in at 171.

The University of Nairobi is ranked at number 801-1000.

With enrollment of 36,688 students, Makerere University’s number of students per lecturer stands at 28.8 while the female to male ratio is 52: 48. The number of international students is 8% according to the report.

Nairobi has the highest number of students per lecturer at 47.3, while Cape Town has 11.7, 12.7 for Suez Canal University and 26.5 for Mansoura University, both Egyptian institutions which are classified in the same band with Nairobi. Kenya’s top varsity boasts a bloated student population of 84,614.

About Makerere

Established in 1922 as a technical school offering courses in carpentry, building and mechanics, Makerere University in Uganda is the oldest higher education institution in the country.

It grew quickly in size, expanding into medical care, agriculture, veterinary sciences and teacher training courses. By 1949 it had become known as University College, affiliated to University College London, before being granted independent university status in 1970, providing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

With a student body of around 38,000 and comprising 10 constituent colleges, Makerere University also offers evening and external study programmes. It is a research-led institution and boasts partnerships with government, industry and other universities.

Located on Makerere Hill, one of the six hills on which Uganda’s capital city Kampala is built, the university’s main campus spans 300 acres and is just a short distance away from the city centre.

Comprising a total of three campuses, the university’s estate also includes a 350 acre farm – part of its College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Resources – and a conservation field station situated on the edge of the Budongo rain forest, used by its students of forestry and conservation.

Sporting facilities, recreational activities and student welfare services are also in plentiful supply on campus.

The university prides itself on the work it does towards securing gender equality. Its initiatives such as the Female Scholarship Foundation, which helps women from disadvantaged backgrounds into higher education, have achieved global recognition, from the Government of Sweden, among others.

Describing itself as Uganda’s ‘premier’ higher education institution, Makerere counts many African prime ministers and presidents among its alumni. John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, was also one of its students.

The university’s ethos can be summed up in the first line of its official anthem: ‘Makerere, Makerere, we build for the future, the Great Makerere’.

Taddewo William Senyonyi
William is a seasoned business and finance journalist. He is also an agripreneur and a coffee enthusiast.

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