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Maad McCann Cultivates Creative Talent in Advertising Through Portfolio Reviews

Maad McCann team and partners in a group photo

It was all pleasure and thrill as Maad McCann Advertising hosted season 5 of the Iron Sharpens Iron Portfolio Review in honor of 16 years in the industry. Welcoming aspiring Creatives from all corners of the Advertising industry, the event marked a pivotal moment for the mushrooming talent to receive invaluable insights and guidance from the seasoned professionals at the Agency.

From graphic designers, photographers and cinematographers, each portfolio reflected a unique blend of talent, creativity, and ambition. The Maad McCann team precisely examined each submission, offering candid feedback and constructive criticism.

Portfolio Reviews aim to offer real-world advice to budding Creatives and to bridge the gap between academic learning and industry expectations. They take on the “iron sharpens iron” approach, which is a platform for young talent to gain valuable insights that shape their creative journey.

“Maad McCann recognized the need to foster the next generation of Creatives, and has for 5 seasons now invited hopefuls to submit their portfolios for review,” remarks Peter Kazibwe, Creative Director, adding that the reviews are not just about evaluating work, but also about nurturing talent. According to Mr. Kazibwe, the agency has picked up talent from previous seasons, who currently serve the agency’s list of clients.

This season, participants were tasked to present their portfolios, explaining their academic and work backgrounds, the passion projects therein as well as the rationales behind the executions. They were appraised on presentation skills, work quality and portfolio design.

George Wilsons Baluku, creative designer and last year’s Young Silverback Award winner was among the day’s participants. He’s employed and thrives in environments that foster open communication. He values diverse perspectives and that reflects in his work. He’s grateful for the review because its yet another opportunity to learn.

Lyton Numwagaba graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Fine Art from the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts last year. Today, he is a painter, with fashion design, communication design and logo design projects. Lyton promises says the feedback he received helped him understand the importance of creating impactful visuals that resonate with audiences and he’ll work towards that henceforth.

Mary Immaculate Naddunga is a photographer and creative designer. Her passion project themed Boychild Education captured the sobering reality of the neglected boychild. The photos depicted different boys of school going age taking part in various out-of-school activities during school hours and late in the night.

Joseph Lubega Kiyita is a jerk of all trades. A cinematographer, photographer, graphic designer and budding Public Relations practitioner. While Nanyombi Elizabeth Diana holds a diploma in Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design from Artfield School of Design and works as a creative designer.

“This first-quarter portfolio review marks a significant step forward in Maad McCann’s ongoing commitment to social responsibility to the community and industry,” says Allen Ssempa, Head PR, BTL and Events. “By nurturing future generations of creatives, the 16-year old agency is not only investing in its own talent pipeline but also contributing to the overall growth and vitality of the advertising industry.”

Looking ahead, Maad McCann remains committed to nurturing talent and pushing the boundaries of advertising creativity. With events like the Portfolio Review paving the way, the agency continues to shape the future of advertising.

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