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Jinja City Visitors Urged To Observe COVID-19 SOPs

The Deputy Resident City Commissioner for Jinja City South Division, Mike Ssegawa (pictured) has urged all people coming to enjoy Jinja City hospitality to be conscious of the rise in Covid-19 cases in some pockets of the country.

“Even if Jinja City remains safe for now, we should ensure it remains so for many months/years to come,” Ssegawa says.

Jinja City is hosting a number of events including the Source of the Nile Agricultural Show for schools, which started yesterday and will stretch to the weekend.

“These events are attracting a lot of visitors to the city and we welcome all of them,” he says, adding: “…Therefore, to ensure safety for all, I call upon you to join hands to exercise SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) as guided by the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization, specifically to ensure we get vaccinated, test when feeling unwell, wear your masks when in crowded places, wash your hands regularly and keep safe distances. Let’s be each other’s keeper by drumming this “Covid-19 fight” message.”

Ssegawa says has also called upon event organizers and public spaces such as bars, restaurants, markets, transporters, etc to meticulously enforce mask wearing,  washing of hands and keeping safe distances.


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