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Full List: Consumers Endorse Over 60 Companies Operating On Ugandan Market

On Friday, over 60 companies were recognized at the Consumer Awards Dinner held at the Gold Course Hotel in Kampala.

The annual awards recognize business excellence.

For a company to be recognized, it must be nominated by consumers and placed in categories. It is in these categories that they are voted the best by consumers. After months of voting, the organizers of the Consumers Awards on Friday named the best companies in their categories as voted for by consumers.

The State Minister for Trade, David Bahati, presided over the event.

He commended the organizers of the awards for the initiative. He said that the awards blend well with the fact that the government is promoting local products in order to bring down imports. According to Bahati, the country is exploring the East African Community market for locally produced goods. “We are doing all we can to ensure that the EAC remains stable. If the EAC is secure, then business is good. Take advantage of the EAC market,” Bahati said. He appealed to financial institutions to reduce the cost of money, which in turn, he said, would significantly reduce the cost of doing business. “Consumer protection is at the heart of doing business,” he added.

The Awards’ Chief Executive Officer, Bari Salim, reaffirmed their commitment to foster an environment where “excellence is the norm. He said that the awards are an endorsement of companies by their consumers. He said the awards will widen next year to allow three companies to come up as winners. In the Friday Awards, only two companies were recognized per category.

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