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COVID-19: UCU On The Spot For Defying Presidential Directive

Uganda Christian University (UCU) could land into trouble after it defied the presidential directive on closing all institutions of learning to help control the spread of Coronovirus in Uganda.

This is after Kilak North MP, Gilbert Olanya raised concern during yesterday’s plenary sitting, noting that UCU Management is asking students to prepare for online examinations and to clear fees arrears before sitting for exams.

He described the directive as unfair to both students and parents especially during this difficult time.

He asked the Ministry of Education and Sports to investigate why University has disregarded the Presidential directive.

In response, John Muyingo, State Minister for Higher Education promised Parliament that the Ministry of Education was going to investigate the matter, insisting that all institutions were supposed to abide by the directive to suspend all activities.

However, the same matter was raised again by Jacob Opolot, Chairperson Education Committee who asked the Prime Minister, Ruhakana Rugunda to provide guidance regarding the Management of UCU who have gone ahead contrary to the Presidential directive, to ask students to prepare for Online Exams and asking parents/guardians to clear the school fees arrears.

The University has stood by its position on having all students undertake online exams starting April 6th 2020 saying their policy is within the presidential directive that called on institution of learning to come up with innovative ways to continue business.

UCU also issued a statement on its Facebook through the Vice Chancellor, John Senyonyi calling on students to disregard rumours making rounds that the exams had been called off, adding that the University is committed to helping its students and would provide internet data for students to download the examinations.

“I don’t want you to grow lax about preparing for your exams. It is our commitment to help you complete your Easter semester 2020, so that when you return for your studies, you will not need to retake your final week of study exams which would cost you since the University is expending on this exercise,” Senyonyi said.

4 thoughts on “COVID-19: UCU On The Spot For Defying Presidential Directive

  1. Eleanor

    I don’t find anything wrong with UCU’s plan to do online examinations, other schools abroad are using the same method so as to enable support their students to continue pursuing their education.Besides UCU is willing to assist the students with data for this very cause.. If I was still a student at UCU I would be glad that am not going to have a cancelled semester and my grad date isn’t going to be pushed further.see I have listened to my little sister pray that God should help us to over come corona virus so that her education is not affected,the girl is 15 in S.4, I know if there was a possibility of doing UNEB exams on line,she’d vote Yes for it..and I totally understand where she is coming from.

  2. David Basiima

    Let the Prime Minister seek guidance from the President and advise UCU accordingly.

    There is no prison for people who consult their superiors but it can be costly if you don’t.

  3. Andama Alfred

    The presidential directive was to close down areas of concentration where people are gathered in large numbers and among them he said was the millions of young people gathered in schools and Universities across this country. I think doing exams on line does not demand that students get back to the university and resume studies. May be a few areas need to be sought guidance and clarification for. It is not good to misinterpret the president out of proportion. How can doing exams on line affect the spread of corona virus or go against the presidential directives. Recently most offices were disengaged i wonder if that has affected communications that the officers do on line. In the event that all students are provided with bundles of internet I think let us relax and allow our students to do exams. In near future the conventional Universities in Uganda are going to embrace online studies like many universities in the West are doing and am sure others have already started planning in that line. This could be a starting point for Universities to explore such options. I think Parliament should make sure the quality of these exams match up to what is expected out of course through their arm the National Council of higher education.

    Student of UCU

  4. Rev. Deacon Capt. Dramadri Mathew

    Perhaps these people complaining have students at UCU and are looking for ways to delay fees payments. Senseless presentation. The presidential directive prohibited gathering, not individual activities that can be done online.

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