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CID Recovers Shs11.6bn Stolen By ‘Elite Gang’ From Teachers’ Fund

Billions of shillings have been recovered

The Criminal Investigations Directorate -CID has recovered another 7.8 Billion Shillings in the ongoing probe of mass embezzlement that hit the teachers’ revolving fund. President Yoweri Museveni pledged and ordered for release of Shillings 25 billion purposely to improve primary school teachers’ welfare.


It was later established that more than 11 billion Shillings was swindled by groups that formed bogus Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisations -SACCOs. The groups duped unsuspecting teachers to become members. The teachers were later duped into paying for loans they never took.


Dozens of teachers sought CID intervention after their salary was being channeled into paying loans they knew nothing about. The now former CID director, Grace Akullo, tasked the Central Government Unit to investigate, arrest and prosecute whoever was involved in misuse of the teachers’ development money.


Although more than 200 SACCOs benefited from the 25 billion Shillings, detectives zeroed in on 42 associations which were established by people who have never been teachers but took advantage of teachers’ ignorance and financial desperation.


Detectives have told our reporter that many of the culprits confessed to stealing the money and begged to be given chance to refund it. “When we started picking them from their hideouts, many pleaded to be given time to refund this money,” a detective revealed. “They were given a government account and they have returned Shs7.8 billion. This is very good for us because our aim was to recover this money.”


Assistant Superintendent of Police –ASP Charles Twine, who speaks for CID, confirmed that more money had been refunded by the suspects. However, Twine said details of how and who has refunded the money will be given later.


Some of the bogus SACCOs created by the elite gang include Gulu Integrated Teachers’ Sacco, Iganga Based Teachers’ Sacco, Kasese Municipal Sacco, Kigulu Integrated Sacco, Entebbe Municipal Sacco, Mpigi Teachers’ Sacco and Busaana Teachers’ Sacco.


Other briefcase Sacco that have been under probe include Nakigo Teachers’ Sacco, Gomba Teachers’ Sacco, Kiruhura Teachers’ Sacco, Wakiso Teachers’ Sacco, Isikiro Teachers’ Sacco and Kakiri Teachers Sacco.


“As we wind up this investigations, we checked on the account and we have been pleasantly surprised to find that 7.8 billion Shillings has been refunded,” another detective said, further explaining, “When we add to that the 3.8 billion Shillings we recovered at the start of this probe, we have so far successfully recovered11.6 billion Shillings.”


At the start of the investigations, CID established that a number of people who picked the money yet they have never been teachers, and spent it in the 2021 general elections campaign. Some contested for political positions while others sponsored their spouses.


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