Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Broke Farmers Stranded, Wait For OWC Seeds To Start Planting

As farmers begin to plant in most parts of the country, many gardens in Bududa district are still idle as the owners desperately wait for Operation Wealth Creation seeds.

Farmers say a few of them who have managed to plant suffered the high prices of the seeds which have shot during this planting season. 

The most affected crops are maize and beans. A kilogram of untreated maize seeds now costs Shs2,500 having shot from from Shs1,200 earlier. 

A 2 kilo sachet of treated maize seed costs Shs25,000, up from Shs15,000 it cost earlier. 

A kilogram of non-treated bean seeds has also doubles that used to cost Shs1,600 now costs Shs2,500.

Farmer Apollo Wamboyo said they have been counting on OWC seeds especially during this time when they were hit hard by Covid-19 and have no money to buy seeds.

He asked government to expedite the program of distributing free seeds so that they can plant.

Another farmer, Amina Namono said she has five gardens but has managed to plant cultivate in only two leaving others idle because she has no money to buy the seeds which she says are too expensive to buy.

She asks government to always regulate seed prices to curb indiscriminate pricing which she says has led to exploitation of farmers. 

Penina Watsemwa said they are in dilemma , wondering when the seeds shall come so that they can begin planting. She said their hope as small scale farmers has remained at the mercy of government since they have been used to the supply. 

Col.George Wakamuke, the OWC coordinator in the district said currently they have not received any information about OWC seeds but promised to distribute them as soon as they arrive. 

The colonel has asked the farmers to use the little they have as they wait for government support.



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