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Bettina Explains Letter To Bobi Wine

Celebrated ‘elite farmer,’ Bettina Tumuhaise aka Praising has come out to explain rumors surrounding her ‘Open Letter’ to Kyadondo East lawmaker, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Following her letter to the legislator seeking his support for Mapeera Bakateyamba’s Home, Blogs have been awash with reports that she is a desperate female fan with others referring to her as a common socialite seeking the MP’s attention.

However, in a post on her Facebook timeline, Bettina explains that her intention was to ask the lawmaker’s and other people’s support to the centre that caters for the helpless mainly the elderly.

Below is her statement;

Mapeera Bakateyamba’s Home ( MBH ) Nalukolongo, Kampala Archdiocese was started in 1978 by the Late His Emminence Emmanuel Cardinal Nsubuga.

This home was initially supposed to accommodate the elderly from war torn areas and those who didn’t have any family members to look after them.The home has people from Rwanda,Congo,Sudan,Tanzania,Christians and non Christians.

The community of Good Samaritan Sisters are the main care takers with help from a few volunteers,they wash,feed,dress,clean,most of these people are Lame,blind,Deaf,bedridden others too old to stand.God bless them.

The home accommodates Seventy male and female plus Four priests who retired and needed a place to call home.This home has in house(24/7) and over 100 from outside who come for meals on a daily basis.

This home depends on donations from well wishers,like any home they have challanges,they have electricity and water bills,they need sugar,Soap, food to run their daily lives.

The most worrying situation is that atleast twice a week someone drops a less previllaged person at the gate of this home,while others try to leave the home to wonder around the areas sorrounding this home, insecurities are high which is why the function on 17th December is targeting to raise money to help in the construction of a perimeter wall.

On the same day we will have a concert dubbed ” Celebrate Christmas with the poor ” and it’s on this concert that we are pleading to have Entertainers to warm their hearts (Less previllaged )

This is the whole reason for my letter to Bobiwine so please bloggers get facts and write. I Bettina Praising need no News Headlines I need good Samaritans to donate what they can,give what you can don’t ever call it small its the thought that matters,what you think is little is huge to someone.

NB: If you can time off your busy schedules one day and visit this home you will be amazed on what that will mean.Make someone smile with a simple hello 


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