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Tycoon Kasami Trashes Gay Allegations, Says Disgraced Journalist Wanted To Extort Shs100m From Him

Balaam responding to the allegations on behalf of Kasami

Tycoon  John Kasami, a retired army officer and Flight Captain has denied links to homosexuality and gaysim, revealing that controversial  former NTV staff Dean Lubowa Sava and team allegedly attempted to extort Shs100m from him  in order not to write defamatory statements against him.

Kasami is the owner of Water front Beach in Entebbe and other bushiness.

His response follows trending video  online in which  Journalist Dean Lubowa Saava alleges that Kasami and music star Eddy Kenzo  are recruiting youth into homosexuality and gayism.

Saava alleges  that Kasami connived with another music sensational  Irene Namubiru to commit murder at his Bulago Island on Lake Victoria.

He further claims that Kasami,  a devoted Catholic who never misses daily morning mass at Bugonga Church Entebbe, rented a hostel in Kampala city where they train and recruit the youth into homosexuality, although he doesn’t mention the name the hostel or its location.

The former NTV journalist who was disgracefully kicked from the Serena based station over claims that he would use the station’s hard earned reputation to defraud the public further  alleges that Kasami also used his Bulago Island On L.Victoria, in connivance with songbird Irene Namubiru to murder a male victim over yet to be known reasons.

“He usually invites University students to parties and when he invites you, he tells you to come with a friend. The drinks on his organized parties are always drugged so when students start losing it, he puts them into pairs; a boy to a boy and a girl to a girl before ordering them to start making love,” Lubowa claimed in his recorded video clip making rounds on social media.

He added:  ”Kasami works with police in Entebbe to deal with those big headed would be recruits.I would like to call upon the UPDF leadership to deal with their soldier who is busy recruiting our young people into homosexuality.”

The journalist goes ahead to allege, without showing evidence, that music star Eddy Kenzo uses his Big Talent Football Academy to recruit young boys into the immoral act.

”And Eddy Kenzo shouldn’t come out to start shedding crocodile tears like he has always done while defending himself. We have evidence against him for recruiting young boys in his academy into homosexuality,” Lubowa claimed.

Capt.Kasaami Responds

The  70+ year old Kasami couldn’t believe his ears when he heard the allegations. Through his business partner, Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi commonly known as Ssabavulu Balaam, Kasami distanced himself from the allegations, revealing that  a group of youth visited him at his home, and on their way back home, dipped their long hands into his drawer and made off with his USD15,000.

It’s at that point that when he used Police to arrested them that they started creating all funny stories of maligning him so he could let them be.

Days later after police had released them, he started getting strange calls, which he later learnt were Saava’s networks, allegedly, demanding for a ransom of shs100m in order to drop a ‘very big scandal’ they had against him, or they would expose his ‘dirty linen’ in public. He said that he didn’t even know what they were talking about and the kind of ‘dirty linen’ they would unleash. He said he was shocked when he later learnt from friends that a certain journalist was on social media accusing him of recruiting homos and murders!

Contrary to Lubowa’s claims, we have since learnt that the Bulago Island he claims Kasami recruits and commits murders from, actually belongs to Music promotor and businessman Balaam Barugahara, which he bought about seven years ago at about USD 1M from Kasami, and Balaam has since taken possession of the same.

“Kasami has taken over 7 yrs without stepping at that Island since I bought it. It’s my Askari who guards that place for over seven years now, so clearly Saava doesn’t know even what he is talking about. If he wants, let him come I show him titles,” Balaam said.

On the issue of Irine Namubiru murdering someone, Balaam said Irine told him those reckless rumors are being spread by her sister who used her (Irine) documents to travel abroad. “Irine told me she has been a big family fight with her sister Who used her papers to travel abroad and Saava got in touch with her to spin for her,” Balaam said.

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    bad karma to fake news and blackmail innocent people.
    journalist is a responsible job.
    you should be ashamed.
    never come to our church again.
    or any other house of god.

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